Platform Nosing Stones – Newbury Park

Year: 2018
Client: Skanska
Cost: Circa £183K

Gateway Construction Services Limited were employed to carry out the structural supporting of nosings on platforms 1& 2 Newbury Park and platform 2 Grange Hill Station on the central line, LUL network.

On all platforms, there were a number of nosings that exceeded the permissible overhang. In order to rectify this, In line with the approved design a series of galvanised unequal angles were fixed to the back face of the concrete cantilevered wall, directly below the nosings. M12 resin anchors were inserted at 240mm centres through the steel into the concrete and chemically secured, then pointed with a non-shrink mortar. Where the cantilever support was formed of brickwork, the nosings and tactiles were lifted the existing mortar bed removed back to clean dust free brickwork. 900 x 600 x 12mm thick galvanised steel plates were fixed using Cintec Anchors directly through the brickwork into the concrete foundations of the platform, these were pull tested to 20kn before the plates were installed and tightened to the specified torque settings. The nosings and tactiles were then re-bedded, pointed and lines re-painted.

The station had to remain operational throughout the remedial works thus works were carried out in  engineering hours shifts, and as such the platforms were left safe for pedestrian and train traffic nightly ensuring no disruption to the service.