Drainage – Northfields Depot

Year: 2017
Client: Lanes
Overall Cost: Circa £20k

The existing combined system at Northfields Depot was originally constructed to convey all surface

water drainage from hard surfaces of the car park, access road and storage areas as well as the facilities including sanitary and grey water within the depot buildings.

The aim of this project was to connect an additional grey water connection from a

new proposed sink and a foul water connection from the future portable cabins that were be installed along the access road in the parking bays, to mitigate the lack of female facilities within the Depot main building

The pre-works comprised of Topographic, CCTV and PGI surveys of the existing site drainage with focus on investigating the depth of MH1 and condition and size of the main pipe.

A new manhole (MH1B) was constructed and connected to MH1A via a pipe and spurred off to allow for the future connection of the portable toilets.

2 new manholes and approximately 30m of new pipe were installed to take the waste from the sink and proposed new toilet facilities to the existing drainage system.